ReagentsPRICES (GBP)

C0092 Chitin from crawfish shells, purified powder

The preparation is suitable for analysis chitinase

540/1kgC0106 Chitosan from crawfish shells (powder)

Natural antibacterial compound..Preparation is widely applied in food industry for antibacterial packages, food conservation, hemostatic bandage preparation etc. Prepared from C0092

48/50 gC0064 Chitosan from crawfish shells (film)

Preparation is suitable for immobilization of various biomoleciles and may be applied in biosensors.

249/10 sheetsC0032 Creatinine standard 20 mg/dl

The preparation can be used in kits for determination of creatinine

45/20 mlD0132 Deoxyribonucleic acid from calf thymus or spleen

Ratio of A260/A280 more than 1.85. The preparation can be applied as the substrate for DNA-ses

34/1mgG0121 Amine derivatized glass slides

It may be applied as the matrix for covalent immobilization of various biomolecules. It is suitable for appropriate sensor preparation.

225/25 sheetG0054 Glycogen

From bovine liver or rabbit muscle.

38/1gH0036 Hemoglobin standard (cyanomethemoglobin)

Product can be applied in diagnostic kits for determination of hemoglobin

25/10 mlH0103 Hyaluronic acid sodium salt from rooster comb

Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan, HA) is a linear polysaccharide formed from disaccharide units containing N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and glucuronic acid.It is used for supplementation of impaired synovial fluid in arthritic patients by means of intra-articular injections. It is also used in certain ophthalmological and otological surgeries and cosmetic regeneration and reconstruction of soft tissue

495/1gP0056 Pectin

From appple or citrus fruits. The preparation can be used as the matrix for affinity purification of some lectins.

55/100gP0050 Polystyrene latex beads nonsensitized, for agglutination reactions

Size of particles is about 1 micron. Concentration of solid particles 1%. This suspension after conjugation with appropriate antibodies may be used in latex slide tests for determination of appropriate antigens. We offer also latex beads with smaller size for application in turbidimetric and nephelometric assays

350/15 mlS0105 Silica gel blue indicating29/1 kgS0067 Starch soluble (Lintner)

The preparation can be used as substrate for amylases.

95/kgU0061 Uric acid standard 20 mg/dl

The preparation can be used in kits for determination of uric acid and also in reactions of organic synthesis.

35/20 ml