InstantBlue™ Ultrafast Protein Stain | Sigma-Aldrich

InstantBlue ™ is a ready-to-use, solution dye that has been specially formulated for ultra-fast (less than 15 minutes), sensitive (5 ng per strand (BSA)) and safe protein detection. Protein gels can be stained with InstantBlue in minutes without the need for washing, fixing or discoloration. The gels can stay in the dye for several weeks without fear. Only the proteins are stained, resulting in well-defined blue bands on a highly transparent background. Reducing background noise results in a better signal-to-noise ratio and can also have a positive effect on overall resolution and sensitivity. InstantBlue is non-toxic and does not contain methanol. Proteins stained with InstantBlue are also compatible with mass spectrometry (MS) analysis.