Kronos HT

A multi-well plate compatible model appeared in Kronos series which measures changes in gene expression over time with bioluminescence of luciferase while culturing cells.

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Kronos HT

Kronos HT is a sophisticated bioluminescence detection system designed for real-time monitoring of gene expression and cellular processes in cell cultures. Utilizing highly sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), Kronos HT captures even the faintest luminescent signals, enabling researchers to study a wide range of biological phenomena with unparalleled precision.

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Kronos HT Luminescence Detection System:

Kronos Series Introduces Multiwell-Compatible Model for Monitoring Temporal Gene Expression Changes through Luciferase Bioluminescence in Cell Cultures.

The Kronos HT is an advanced luminescence detection system designed for high-sensitivity and continuous monitoring of dim and weak luminescence in culture samples, including cells and tissues. This versatile system is particularly tailored for applications involving 35mm culture dishes and is also compatible with 24- and 96-well microplates. Here are some key features and capabilities:

  1. High Sensitivity: Kronos HT is engineered to detect luminescent signals with high sensitivity, making it suitable for applications where the emitted light is faint or weak.
  2. Continuous Monitoring: The system is designed for prolonged and continuous monitoring of luminescence signals in culture samples. This capability is essential for experiments that require extended observation periods.
  3. Versatile Sample Compatibility:
    • Culture Dishes: Specifically optimized for 35mm culture dishes, allowing researchers to work with adherent cells and tissues in a familiar and widely used format.
    • Microplates: The Kronos HT is versatile and can accommodate both 24- and 96-well microplates, offering flexibility in experimental setups.
  4. Extended Culture Sample Applications:
    • Ideal for long-term studies involving cell cultures and tissue samples, where sustained luminescence detection is critical for obtaining comprehensive data.
  5. Automated System:
    • The Kronos HT likely features automated functionalities to streamline the luminescence detection process, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.
  6. Wide Range of Applications:
    • Suitable for a diverse range of applications in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry, where luminescence assays are commonly employed.
  7. User-Friendly Interface:
    • The system is expected to have a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, facilitating ease of use for researchers at varying skill levels.
  8. Multiwell Plate Compatibility:
    • The ability to work with standard microplates, such as 24- and 96-well formats, provides researchers with flexibility and compatibility with established laboratory practices.

In summary, the Kronos HT Luminescence Detection System is a specialized instrument designed for high-sensitivity luminescence detection in culture samples over extended periods. Its compatibility with various formats, including 35mm culture dishes and microplates, makes it a valuable tool for researchers conducting diverse experiments in cell and tissue biology. For specific operational details and technical specifications, it is advisable to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer.

The WSL-1565 Kronos HTrepresents the high-throughput support model within the assay system designed to monitor the real-time gene expression of living cells using luciferase bioluminescence. Building on the success of the earlier Kronos Dio model, which was compatible with 35mm dishes, the Kronos HT now introduces a new model tailored for multiwell plate measurements. This innovation enables the continuous luminescence measurement during cell culturing, enhancing functions and performance for high-throughput applications. Consider adopting Kronos HT for high-throughput measurements in biological clock analysis, monitoring changes in drug response over time, cytotoxicity testing, and more.

ATTO Kronos Dio

AB-2550ATTO Kronos Dio: A Versatile Bioluminescence Detector for High-Throughput Screening

The AB-2550ATTO Kronos Dio from ATTO is a high-throughput bioluminescence detector designed for rapid and efficient screening of large libraries of compounds or cell lines. Equipped with an array of highly sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), Kronos Dio simultaneously measures luminescence from multiple wells, enabling researchers to screen thousands of samples in a single run.

Kronos Dio's high sensitivity ensures that even the weakest luminescent signals are detected, providing researchers with valuable insights into gene expression, drug efficacy, and cellular responses. The system's versatile design accommodates various plate formats, including 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates, further enhancing its throughput capabilities.

To maintain optimal cell conditions during screening, Kronos Dio features a controlled incubation chamber that precisely regulates temperature and CO2 gas concentration. Humidity is maintained above 90% RH to prevent evaporation, ensuring that luminescence measurements accurately reflect the biological state of the cells.

Kronos Dio's user-friendly software simplifies data acquisition and analysis, allowing researchers to quickly identify promising compounds or cell lines for further investigation. The software also provides comprehensive data visualization tools, enabling researchers to gain a deeper understanding of their results.

For researchers seeking to accelerate drug discovery and explore complex biological systems, AB-2550ATTO Kronos Dio offers a powerful and versatile tool for high-throughput bioluminescence screening. Its exceptional sensitivity, high throughput capabilities, and user-friendly software make it an indispensable tool for laboratories seeking to advance scientific discovery.