Meniscal Preservation: Repairing Tears for Long-Term Knee

Understanding the Meniscus and Its Importance:

Knee Anatomy

The meniscus, a crescent-shaped disc of cartilage within the knee joint, plays a vital role in shock absorption and maintaining joint stability. Unfortunately, meniscal tears are a prevalent knee injury, often occurring during sports or strenuous activities.  Historically, treatment for these tears has involved meniscectomy, the surgical removal of the damaged meniscus tissue. However, this procedure can lead to long-term complications such as osteoarthritis and the need for total knee replacement.

Shifting the Focus to Meniscal Repair:

Ceterix Orthopaedics, a medical device company based in Fremont, California, is dedicated to advancing meniscal preservation techniques. Their core objective is to equip surgeons with the tools necessary to repair a wider range of meniscal tears, minimizing the need for meniscectomy and its associated downsides.

The Ceterix NovoStitch® Plus Meniscal Repair System:

Ceterix's flagship product, the NovoStitch® Plus Meniscal Repair System, addresses a critical gap in current treatment options. This surgical tool offers surgeons a unique solution for repairing complex meniscal tears, including:

  • Horizontal tears
  • Radial tears
  • Root tears

These complex tear patterns often prove challenging to address with traditional repair methods. The NovoStitch® Plus System empowers surgeons to effectively repair these tears, potentially improving long-term patient outcomes and reducing the risk of future knee problems.

The Benefits of Meniscal Preservation:

Preserving the meniscus offers numerous advantages for patients experiencing a meniscal tear. Here's a breakdown of the key benefits:

Improved Joint Stability: The meniscus plays a crucial role in maintaining proper knee joint alignment and stability. Repairing the torn meniscus can help restore this stability, minimizing pain and enhancing joint function.

Reduced Risk of Osteoarthritis: Meniscectomy can accelerate the degeneration of joint cartilage, leading to osteoarthritis. Meniscal repair aims to preserve the meniscus and potentially mitigate this risk.

Enhanced Long-Term Function: By retaining the natural meniscus, patients may experience better long-term knee function and a reduced likelihood of requiring total knee replacement in the future.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Meniscal Repair

Ceterix Orthopaedics' dedication to meniscal preservation is a promising step forward in knee surgery. The NovoStitch® Plus System represents a valuable tool for surgeons seeking to repair complex meniscal tears and optimize patient outcomes. As advancements continue in the field of meniscal repair, patients experiencing these injuries may have a greater chance of regaining full knee function and maintaining long-term joint health.

Visualizing Meniscal Tear Repair:

a Medial meniscus root tear, b sutures taken with Knee Scorpian instrument, c fiber wire through the meniscus root and cinch-loop typed into the meniscus, d tibial tunnel drilled with ACL jig at near anatomical location, e both the blue and white sutures are shuttled through the tibial tunnel tied over suture disc on the anterior tibial cortex, f final picture after repair

The image above depicts a meniscal tear repair surgery. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes specialized tools to suture the torn meniscus tissue, promoting healing and preserving the natural knee structure.

By prioritizing meniscal repair over meniscectomy, patients can potentially benefit from improved long-term knee health and function.