The Stitch You Want

The Circumferential Compression Stitch

The Ceterix NovoStitch® Suture Passer enables the circumferential compression stitch, which provides anatomical reduction and uniform compression of the tear edges, addressing both the femoral and tibial sides of the tear with each stitch.


New All-Inside Options for Complex Tears

The NovoStitch Suture Passer empowers surgeons to pass independent sutures to create novel constructs, addressing horizontal, radial, root, and other complex tears in ways not previously possible.


Designed to limit risks to neurovascular structures

The needle remains intra-articular and is designed to not penetrate the capsule wall during sewing, allowing surgeons to manage the risk of neurovascular injury. This allows the placement of stitches in the lateral meniscus, even at the popliteal hiatus.


The Ceterix NovoStitch® suture passer is indicated for passing suture through soft tissue in orthopaedic surgery.