Revolutionary Surgical Tools

NovoCut Suture Manager

Radiused upper jaw and retractable lower jaw

  • Upper jaw 1.6mm to access more tears
  • Retracting the lower jaw creates a low profile to access the knee

Lower jaw extends

  • Lower jaw extends, and slides under the meniscus
  • Enables precise stitch placement


Needle passes suture from lower jaw to upper jaw

  • Enables physicians to create simple or complex suture patterns
  • Designed not to penetrate the capsule

Replacement Cartridge

  • Pre-loaded suture implant for rapid repairs

Refer to Instructions for Use for device-specific indications, adverse effects, warnings, and precautions.

NovoCut Suture Manager

Side loading so there is no need to thread the needle

Reliable suture retention for knot pushing

Access in tight spaces allows pushing directly on the knot

Consistent suture tails without risk of cutting the knot

Suture management, which may limit the need for other accessories