Common Knee Injuries Such as ACL and Meniscus Tears Should be Repaired at Any Age

FREMONT, Calif. – Aug. 28, 2018- With football season underway, knee injuries such as ACL and meniscal tears may occur more frequently. While ACL reconstruction has become routine, a common but lesser-known injury is a torn meniscus. A meniscus is a cartilage “pad” in between the femur and tibia bone, that serves as the knee’s shock absorber. Sports Medicine surgeon Dr. Chris Dougherty discusses the importance of reconstructing the meniscus, as well as the ACL, to help restore knee function after an injury.

A torn meniscus may often be treated by complete or partial removal, which can lead to arthritis and negative effects on the careers of athletes1,2.  Using the NovoStitch® Pro Meniscal Repair System, Dr. Dougherty can repair complex meniscal tears, preserve tissue and “recreate a normal meniscus” which may help protect against osteoarthritis and enhance sports activity recovery.3

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